Republican evangelist Elon Musk didn't bother voting in the 2022 midterm elections

People can double check, but that isn’t the role of Joe Public, we elect/appoint officials to do that task.
If you want to get involved in that level of detail, volunteer to be a scrutineer.

Not every detail needs to be known to every person for the process to still be free, transparent and accountable.

Every detail about the process should be knowable to any interested person who makes the effort to find out, especially the press.


TwitMux has way more power than us mortals who get to vote, because he owns Twitter and rents powerful politicians.
Twitter tracks us in real time.
Embedded Twitter posts in websites contain metadata which enables Twitter to track all of us mortals in real time, even if we are not “on Twitter”.
TwitMux sells this tracking to bad dictators who use it to real time track, persecute, and imprison people.
Just the facts.
This has much more value and power than any individual’s vote.

I agree with that, but not the point of information about individuals being dissimilated to people who haven’t even made a modicum of effort to get involved.

So you think the public and the press should have access to the information but not be allowed to tell anyone? That’s not really how transparency works.


you are misunderstanding me (which is easy to do in a forum) so probably no point continuing with this. We are pretty similar in our view I think, just differ on some small nuances.


Absolutely agree. My name and address is checked before I’m given a ballot then again by a Boston Police Officer before I place it in the machine to be counted.

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