Researchers infuse plants with chemicals to glow for hours


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I suppose their lab would be a glow-op…


Great for xmas trees!


If I eat glow in the dark vegetables will I have glow in the dark poo?

Will our sewage systems be all aglow with this poo?

These are the kinds of questions that keep me awake at night.


Unfortunately, while super cool, this seems like a great opportunity for more night sky light pollution and all sorts of other unintended side effects.

At least LED based streetlights are directional to large extent.


So you soak the plants in cell invading chemicals that are “generally regarded as safe.” I guess it beats lead on Christmas tree wires and mercury in fluorescent bulbs. But this seems more like a bio-art project ala Eduardo Kac than anything ever meant to be practical.


How about different colors? Making the back garden look like Avatar would be cool.

Then again, green would be fine for a Lovecraftian theme.


Mixing this stuff into lawn sprinklers would be fun!



Caverns have been lit by phosphorescent fungi since I started playing D&D back in ‘75


There are also plants stuffed with chemicals that will make everything glow…


Didn’t Phil and Lem at Veridian Dynamics do this years ago?

Also accidentally inventing glowing squirrels in the process as well


You know the “Golgathan” in the film Dogma?


Please someone do this with weed just to see the reactions!


This is the brightest timeline.


The Shit Demon!!!


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