Restore the Fourth adopts highway in front of NSA super-center in Utah


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Would it be uncouth of the NSA to set up a concealed license plate camera, along with a large electronic highway sign that greets each passing driver “Hi Mr/Ms. Whatever, Nice to see you today!” based on the license plate and facial identification?


The name of the group is unfortunate - I thought it some kind of pro-Independence-Day movement.


I think that is intentional; they want to conflate privacy/freedom with the original intent of the “founding fathers.”


When you put it that way, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Heroes, and a really brilliant idea for campaigning.


It would be fun to see someone do this alongside the border checkpoints, some of which are far from any international border.


Now that the highway’s been officially adopted, I think you should move it out of state so it can go to one of the best schools in the country. I know it’s drastic but… it’s been hanging out with a bad crowd.


Their focus is on the NSA. That is worthwhile, but I wonder how these people feel about the 4th Amendment rights of Latino citizens in Arizona, and other forms of institutional racism. Is everybody guaranteed freedom from unreasonable searches?

Brilliant. Now if only a responsible 2nd amendment group would adopt an adjacent section of the highway and also adopt the same message to restore the 4th. Then we’d be using both our 1st and 2nd amendments as intended, to deter despotism.

Well, it wouldn’t make much sense for a Utah group to adopt an Arizona highway. Maybe some Arizonans could take that on.

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