Colorado's 420 mile marker




See, this to me is an example of government getting it right. The mile marker needs to be there, it’s not worth the taxpayers’ money to post a 24/7 guard on it, so let’s come up with a creative solution that works. Kudos to Colorado for this win.


What they should do is build a little shop right there on the side of the road and sell the 420 signs. They’d make a killing


Let’s hope it is located 52.8 feet from the previous.


A 419.99 sign seems even more tempting!


I could think of something else that they could sell at that stop and make even more.


The Nigerian embassy is already in business at the 419 mile marker.


Now that’s thinking outside the baggie.


They need an infinite more decimal places for that to work…


you gotta IMAGINE it, man! i mean, just think about it… the number 9, stretching into infinity… whoa…


What’s a “mile”?


Exactly, because the only thing better than it being 420 is when it’s ALMOST 420!


Presumably Marijuana users are a bunch of thieves.


Soon it will be located 52.8 feet from someone’s house, no doubt.


And baby-eating maniacs, yes. I saw a film.


Federal bail bonds?


CDOT is the Colorado department of transportation, not transit. Incidentally, there’s also a highway 666 in Southwest Colorado. That sign gets stolen a lot too.


State Route 38 in Utah used to be known (prior to 1993) as Highway 69, but due to sign theft, the route was re-numbered.


Couldn’t they just use tamper-proof screws? How many stoners think to bring a drill with metal bit to steal a road sign?


I hate to be a dime short of four-twenty.