Idaho mile marker 420 replaced with 419.9


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Instead of all this trouble, why not just leave it down?


Remember Fucking?

Legend says they fixed that one with, ahem, bigger screws.


I dunno. . . it seems to me that this makes the sign an even bigger score. It’s proof that they’ve “stuck it to the man!”


Mile markers are there for a reason; if you break down on the side of the road and have to call for help, you have to be able to report where you are, and police similarly report when calling for additional emergency services/towing/etc. If the sign is missing, it means someone might have to hike more than a mile before knowing where they were, and emergency services might be delayed.


Granted - but you never have to hike more than a mile in the case of a single missing mile marker… well, unless you choose the wrong direction when guessing.


Exactly. How many people think “how far back was that last mile marker?”


My aunt used to have this type of trouble in the 90’s. She lives on Nirvana St. Since it was before the time of GPS nav., there were a few hairy EMS calls in the neighborhood . The city finally just threw every type of fastener it had at it. I think the current sign has made it almost a decade.


Tahoe has mile markers all the way around the Lake. Mile 68 is followed by Mile 68.9 which is followed by Mile 70.

“Tahoe 69 is just too attractive,” said McIntyre.

The wooden post, located on the West Shore, has been consistently stripped of its sensual signage.

“How many times has it been stolen?” asked McIntyre, laughing. “Every time we put it up.”


Overwhelming evidence in support of going metric.


Costs too much… We would need 1.6X more signs.


Think of the significant reduction in that most un-American of activities: walking instead of driving. Carter should have started with that.


No no no. Convert to metric, but keep the sign post distance.

So your km markers go 1.6, 3.2, 4.8, etc.

The beauty is that the 69 and 420 problems take care of themselves, as the closest new versions will be 68.8km and 419.2km.


You ever try to walk between towns in Idaho?


If you have GPS I think 911 can locate your position. If you don’t have a phone with GPS you probably have to walk to the next exit anyway.

This is only really helpful for people calling tow trucks or whom saw something and then kept driving.

They do help me calculate how far it is until the next time I can pee while doing cross country drives. Only one of which ever took me through Idaho.


I think hanging a 419.9 sign would be an even bigger inside joke than the 420 sign.

The better solution is to just have a pole out there with the number on it. Nobody wants to hang a pole in their basement smoke cave.

Another good option is to have a frame out there and then print hundreds of signs on the corrugated plastic and then just replace them on the cheap.


Around these parts, those signs are every tenth-mile. I’m sure it’s different out west where they don’t have as many places. But here, there’s already a 419.9 and it’s not 420.


Looks like Colorado had a slightly better version IMO:
Colorado’s 420 mile marker


So, um, why is 420 special? I feel like I’m missing something big


(groan) Yes.