Colorado auctioning off vanity plates "GANJA" and "BONG"

Originally published at: Colorado auctioning off vanity plates "GANJA" and "BONG" | Boing Boing

They’ve already had to replace the mile marker 420 sign so often that they just put up a 419.99 sign instead.

Whoever bids on these things better have some good locking bolts.



I’m curious how well it worked. Now it’s a one-of-a-kind, and possibly a more attractive target.

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PFPFPS. Nah, too esoteric. What about BOGART?


This really is a legit cash cow. At a convention where unique official vanity badges with fandom-related phrases were preserved, I ran auctions that sold them off at prices occasionally reaching $1000 or more. I see these plates are achieving even higher outcomes.

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I once had an unreliable MGB with appropriate plates reading SC TNST and thought I was terribly clever.

WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN !!! what will happen when they see theses words !!!

I sit for 20?


I mean they will let through all these cannabis plates but if you want to express your love for tofu with “ILVTOFU” they give you a hard time.


Wait so they have been prohibiting GREEN and HERB on plates until now? Surprised they aren’t selling off PARANOID.

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