What are the stupid vanity-plate rules in your state?


Yet they churn out ones like this automatically:

URL needs to lose the errant quotation mark at the end.


Yes because disallowing vulgarity on car license plates is stupid.

Some of those have to be a persistent driver that tried every spelling. Why no Assassins?

In Illinois there’s no appeal… if someone reports a complaint on your plates they’ll take it away no questions asked and blacklist the phrase. If your car has “HAPPY” on the back and someone calls in a complaint that’s the end of it.

So I imagine the list of banned plates in Illinois has some real head scratchers.

edit - I dug around a bit with google trying to verify this, and while it’s true that once a plate is deemed offensive there is no appeal process, Illinois does have a review board to handle complaints. They also have the option of contacting the plate owner to try and defend their decision. So I guess that means you can’t troll people with innocent plates.


For some reason this triggered a memory of watching this game show.


Yes, like the most vulgar of vulgarities, “SAT”

(I’ll save you the trouble of trying to find the beginning of the S’s in 500+ pages, it really is on Virginia’s rejected list)

I think you are missing the point. The site is not saying vulgarity should be allowed on license plates, it’s to expose the ridiculousness of rejecting otherwise innocent words such as SAT, SLAYER, ACID, BEATS. The list could go on and on…

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Seems to me that someone with an otherwise innocent plate that ends up getting pulled could try to make a point by submitting as offensive every single customized plate that they see…

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Or this classic:


This brings to mind this racist charmer from 2010. It’s so deeply encoded that the meaning is obscure to most people who do not agree with the owner. So much so, most would assume it was a normal, state assigned number were it not for this tailgate.

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I see very very few silly innocent words being blocked in that list of 500. The list is for the most part a monument to silly immaturity.

Also, this one is fictitious, but it was the most consistent laugh provoker for me in all of Season 4:
“A New Start”


I wonder what George Carlin would have to say about this.

Can’t seem to muster much outrage that you’re not allowed to use “Shut The Fuck Up” as your government ID.

Mostly just the price. The cheapest personalized plate(as in, you pick the number/letter combination, as opposed to just a coloured or themed plate with random characters) you can get here is $2400 dollars. If you want to get really fancy, you can get the two-character plate, which is $5000.

Of course, this doesn’t include car registration, which is a minimum of $370 bucks for six months, or a bargain $700 and change for a year.

It happened to me, about 15 years ago. (The “option of contacting the plate owner to try and defend their decision” is a new wrinkle)

My to-be-censored plate read “RU ASI9”. Got a letter from the SoS stating my plate had been “disallowed”, and I could get another plate, free of charge - So I went with “CNSRED”.

I tried to appeal - The SoS flunky told me that I would never be allowed to know the identity of my accuser, that there would never be any assemblage of my peers to hear my side of the story, when I pointed out that the word “asinine” is neither vulgar nor obscene I was told that that wasn’t what mattered - All that mattered was that some faceless nobody had bitched about my plate, and that was all the SoS required.

I asked the flunky, “Are you telling me that I can anonymously phone in a complaint that somebodys’ plate said, oh, say…“I PRAY D U” - And the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office will yank that plate, and there’s not a damn thing the driver can do about it ?”

“Yes, sir - That is correct.”

I said, “Do not tempt me, lady.” She said, “I wouldn’t dream of it, sir”, with a half-smile I still sometimes wonder about.

I’ve never been petty or mean enough to follow through on it, though, although I have been tempted - But then, I just remind myself of how shitty you have to be, to get your judgmental thrill by squealing on a random driver whom you’ll never meet.


I have no issue with them censoring you really immature waste of money.

Please re-read the last 21 words of my post.

Well, clearly the rules in my home state of Victoria, Australia aren’t so tight (or else are applied by people not savvy in the ways of the internet…)