Clever license plate spells out DMV-banned dirty word in rear view mirror


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This is the sort of subversiveness that makes the world a weirder place.



Well, it proves that even established concepts such as passive-aggressiveness always have room for innovation. This could be the start of a terrific new trend to match the times.


Not the car I would expect these plates on.

I’m thinking a 1967 Cadillac El Dorado convertible, hot pink, with whaleskin hubcaps, an all-leather cow interior, and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights.


We also would have accepted ‘Hummer’.


I still think that it crazy that anybody approves/bans license plates, and that people actually pay them to do it. IMO if people take offense from reading one word without any other context is a critical thinking fail.


You haven’t spent a lot of time around people, have you? I mean, it sounds like you are new to this planet.


I bet this guy went around as a kid putting 7734 on all of the calculators at Kmart and turning them upside down.


Is that accusatory, or self-labeling?

Seems it would have been clearer if it was:


or if there had been room

3J0H22A U0Y


Truth in advertising is rare, indeed.


It’s always a great idea to further enrage the guy you’re tailgating.


Wow, more proof confirming my theory that only assholes select the Back/Yellow vanity plate in CA. Hooray for self-identification!


And a kilowatt stereo blasting I’ve Gotta Be Me.


I was the one that did 37047734. My friend’s go-to was 5318008.



Saint Carlin is smiling up upon us today.


3M TA3.

Also ESAD.

Have had both of these.




Not ‘Beamer’?


An Audi would work too