Souvenir "Area 51" license plates causes problems for owner of official "Area 51" vanity plate

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Dude… just get rid of the damn plate. It can’t be worth all that hassle, whether you successfully fight it or not.


Reminds me of the (probably apocryphal) story of someone having a “NONE” personalized plate and getting parking tickets when the actual car had no plates and the parking enforcer wrote “none”.


How are the sellers of the fake plates not getting fined/prosecuted? It can’t be legal to make fake license plates, can it?


This reminds me of the story where somebody thought it would be fun to get a vanity plate that read “NOPLATE”. Then, the tickets for cars with no license plate started rolling in.




They check the front and back plates at tolls (but apparently not before sending him the ticket)? I guess that just means everyone needs to put the novelty plates on their front and back of vehicle, to avoid getting in “a lot of trouble.”

Yeah, seriously. Granted, I think vanity plates are dumb to begin with, but this is basically a self-inflicted problem at this point - an enormous amount of avoidable work that’s clearly not going to get any better, no matter how much he tries to scare people out of doing it on Tiktok.


In California, the boy racer types actually do that. They don’t do it with ‘I’s and ‘1’s because California doesn’t have ‘I’s for exactly this reason.

However they do have zeros and ‘D’s so you see them running around with every variation of 0D00D0D.

The game is presumably that they can then fight tickets by claiming the officer wrote down the wrong plate. As though a judge is an idiot and isn’t going to see through that stupid libertarian end-run rule-lawyering bullshit.


That guy has a huge empty house.

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I remember a similar story for a guy who got a plate, accidentally, named “NONE”.

I guess the form had spots for 3 plate names, and he only had two he wanted, so he put “NONE” as his third option, not wanting a plate if he couldn’t have his first two.

Well, they didn’t have his first two, and gave him NONE, which meant any ticket with out a license plate and the cop put NONE on the ticket ended up going to him.

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