Retrofit for contactless touchscreens and buttons

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Voice Activated Elevator in Scotland


So easy to order off-menu at McD’s. Not much promise of sprouted coconut parfait though.

TOLO news had a kidnapping in the north provinces of Afghanistan, whose resolution was opposed by 100 armed local forces. Kinda impressed they got 'em counted straightaway and unanimous in one aspect or another. Wonder what happens if you punch to meet with armed force 33 1/3? Maybe armed with a McD’s touchscreen, though it sounds incautious.


…I totally came here to post this…

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So much more complexity for such limited benefit. Not only that but they make life harder for the sight impaired.


it also seems that in 99% of cases, people are still going to actually touch the surface. that’s the feedback loop people expect, and to push your finger forward but stop it at some unknown infinitesimal distance from what you’re reaching towards… that’s just not normal

it’s better for something that’s normally non-interactive, like ( as mentioned ) a printed paper menu. ( hopefully printed with braille )


If a public device requires your raw fingertip, go elsewhere, like to a keypad where you can wear latex gloves or poke buttons with an improvised styles (pen, pencil, coffee stirrer, etc). Boycott public touchscreens; vote with your fingers. If you are absolutely fucking stuck with a contagion-spreading touchscreen, spray it with >70% alcohol before and after.

The hands in those videos make me wonder if this was tested with a diverse group of people. This is still a problem with a lot of sensors and screens.


Not a problem for me: I have some money in my wallet from the last time I used an ATM in February 2020 (was 2002 before editing!).

If you still use paper money, that may be a bigger risk than the ATM.


Just use your knuckle to tap a key, remember to not touch your face, and wash your hands with soap and water.

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Pump Up Your Respiratory Health and which are applicable.


Contactless touch…
Seems legit.

Hey, those aren’t like, core respiratory things, they’re personal source mitigations. I was looking forward to cold therapy, going jogging, resistance breathing, stupid mask hygiene tricks…

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