Reversible Micro USB cables back in stock

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I guess this is good to have until that time when everything is finally usb-c. Boggles me that the latest kindle or whatever other tablet/device isn’t on USB-C yet. I yearn for the day when digital cameras move to USB-C or pure wireless.

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Aren’t most digital cameras wireless now? My 6-year-old canon point and shoot did, so I kind of assumed everything would by now.

your six year old canon point shoot has Qi wireless charging? why don’t more cameras get on board with this? (especially the action cameras).

Looking for advice - I’ve been using the magnetic charging USB cables, but after some time, they stop charging . Likely from dirt on the small nib in the phone … but I’ve noticed a new nib has larger round gold pads than one that has been used for a while.

I don’t know if this larger surface breaks away or is worn away. In any case, it looks like it would be harder to ensure proper contact with the smaller surface area.

I went this way to avoid wearing out the charging connector on my devices (my old Nexus 5 is perfect except for a worn out USB port). My grandma loves the magnetic system but she doesn’t subject her devices to pocket dirt and wear, which I think is why mine keep failing.

Anyone know of a rock-solid brand that will last longer?


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Yes! I can recommend these. Only problem, if you hand one of these to someone used to trying figure out how to plug in a Micro USB they will be baffled.

I discovered by accident that it is possible to reverse the plug on those little USB ports. It doesn’t work, and it destroys the plug but you can get it in upside down with enough elbow grease. This seems like a much more civilized approach.


It’s appalling that something lasting for two months is worthy of comment.


I obtained some of these after your previous recommendation, they are great in the car for a no look plugin.

D’oh, I was just referring to wireless data-transfer over WiFi. Ignore me.

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