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Seconded!!! The original Horrified is a terrific game, fun to play and a beautiful design. Easy enough to set up for basic game nerds like me, and adaptable enough in challenge levels for mega nerds like my husband. We have dreams of customizing our own monsters to add to the mix in the original game, with their own rules. Maybe I’ll think about doing that for Christmas, rather than buying the Chupacabra edition. Pennywise would be a great monster to add, and I’m open to more suggestions :smiley:


I was going to have an issue with this game until I noticed that they limited the “American Monsters” to the cryptid variety (I was wondering where MTG, t-Rump, etc… were).


Agreed, the original was a lot of fun. It sounds like even though this is ‘the same game’ that at least the monster mats and victory conditions are slightly different? The Chupacabra description of getting a certain number of goats sounds similar to one from the original game I think, but the Banshee monster mat description sounds different than any from the originals from what I remember.

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I love the original Horrified and SO appreciate seeing a well-focused review of (any) board game here on BB. On the next one(s) --hoping there are more to come-- can we see some close up of some of the minis and some non-publisher pics?

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Both are super fun to play. Of course, you could wish for the Wendigo, the Hodag, the Blob…


Thanks for the feedback. And yes to your requests.

Guiding each player to their home base.

Is there any immunity to the monsters there? / Do I have to play with 13 and more people or give up anybody surviving?

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