Review: Lynx Sonoma smoker makes the perfect turkey

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I bought a smoker for 140 bucks. It works fine. I’d feel like an idiot if I spent $3000

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Perfect for apartment living.

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The first step (after buying a tank of propane) was to download an app for my smartphone and connect it to the wifi radio in the smoker.

Stopped reading there, though I should have stopped reading at the $3200 price tag. The last thing I need is an overpriced Internet of Sh*t smoker.

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So, lower middleclass bbq kit? Très drôle.

Since its a dedicated smoker I’m sure it works fine. Despite the propane grill form factor (that shape has airflow and capacity issues).

But at that price you could buy not just a pellet smoker. But a big. Good. Pellet smoker with all the bells and whistles. Tight temp control and accurate . Auto feeding fuel. Don’t even have to add chips. Integrated temp probes. All the aps and computerated, programmable controls you could want. True set it and forget it smoking. On what’s essentially a real wood fire.

Basic traegers start at less than a grand these days.

Spatchcock the Turkey… Wasn’t he a buddy of Howard the Duck?

(Oh, man. Smoked duck is wonderful!)

You say gophers turned the lawn into Swiss cheese? Too bad the smoker doesn’t come with a gopher trap that notifies your phone each time you catch fresh meat.

A Masterbuilt cabinet style electric smoker with an external smoke generator will set you back around $250, and do a tremendous job of smoking whatever from Lox to turkeys. Every year I make at least 10 lbs of smoked Bluefish and vacuum seal it.

That is sort of the down side of the Masterbuilts and other electric smokers of that type. They’re mostly geared towards cold smoking/low temp smoking fish, jerky, and cured meats. They can do BBQ or full on hot smoking. But I’ve heard mixed things about how well they do it. Sort of the same way that BBQ pits can be reedy for cold and fish smoking.

I’ve heard some bad things about quality in certain models of Masterbuilt as well (mostly the propane ones, few of the electrics).

That said they’re a favorite for people looking to hack together something more complex on a budget. And they’ll get you there. A Weber kettle with some careful fire management, or a smoker adapter can be cheaper. But it won’t be any good for smoking fish. So things like the Masterbuilt are just about the cheapest way to get both ends, along with some easy temp control.

I haven’t done pork butt, but plenty do. Before I got the smoke generator, tending the chip pan was a PITA, but with it, I can walk away for hours confident there’s perfect smoke AND perfect temps via the electric thermostat.

My neighbor has a huge and expensive drum smoker that takes far more space, attention and wood than mine. When he’s smoking you’d be think a house was on fire.

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But can it love?

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