Review of a disarmingly convincing $100 counterfeit iPhone X

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I have a better idea: don’t buy one in the first place.


Sounds a lot like the $50 tablets available from internet merchants; I bought a 7" Azpen tablet and it had more bugs than a junkyard cat.

When choosing among the many sub-$100 smartphones available, as a rule, don’t go for the one where half the development effort was spent on illegally defrauding you.

I’m really not sure why the writer finds this so impressive. He seems unable to get his head around the the idea that a garbage device has a Lightning port. I hope he doesn’t ever visit a gas station, dollar store or newsstand, since his brain would presumably physically explode.

I think the point is a sort of grudging respect for the effort fraudsters had put into the whole effort, especially on the software side. To me it reads like a bunch of talent is going to waste here, being spent on making junk that hopefully no one will trace back to them (i.e. the programmers who wrote the fraudware).

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I thought the JuanPassword app seemed suspicious…

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