Review: Quickie Jobsite Broom


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A good broom is a wonderful tool.


I, for one, refuse to take a non- pushbroom seriously.


Yeah but it’s not as fun to use as a leaf blower or a pressure washer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TIL people clean up lawnmower clippings.


If Home Depot were J. Petermans:

Brass Barely Twist Dusting Brush

A horse hair dusting brush 5"" wide, mounted on a long barley twist handle surmounted by a turned satinwood grip with brass ferule & hanging ring. Perfect for those quaint summer cottage project cleanups. Let’s do this.




Came here looking for the boom in gig-economy job websites.


@Akimbo_NOT J Peterman is possibly one of the best things to come out of Seinfeld. And i do love me some Seinfeld.


I got a similar broom called Bulldozer - I had a similar experience, eye-opening how stiff bristles make for effective brooming. Except mine was only $8


Now that’s how you sell me a cool tool.


Now that you are privy to the dark secret at the heart of retail hardware merchandising, you must promise to use this knowledge only for the most banal of evil.


A new broom sweeps clean.

Now you know what that means.



I had a similar broom that cracked where the handle meets the broom, alá screwing action, after only about 10 years usage. Back in my day, we’d hand down brooms from generation to generation. THANKS OBAMA!


They don’t make them like they used to, out of iron from the core of a red dwarf.


I believe that’s by the same manufacturer. The name suggests it’s an even more sturdy model, but it’s cheaper so maybe it’s a notch on the other direction. But Quickie looks like the brand to get.


Kudos on the writing—so good I read snippets of it to my office-mate and we snickered and chortled aloud. You and your broom have brightened our windowless cubicle. For a time, at least.


I immediately thought that this was a new webSite for short term employment named

Need to go and garden on that for a while.