Review: The Oneplus 6T is almost as nice as a flagship handset for a fraction of the price

Seconded! Also, super thin phones are nice and all, but I prefer a substantial case to grip.

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I have a ruugedized cheap chinaphone that costs buttons, works adequately and came with a 4000mah battery that lasts for days. It’s tough enough you could put it in a sock and administer a prison beatdown and it wouldn’t damage the thing.

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One used to install cyanogenmod on their handsets. Can you install lineageOS on this one? I want a phone without google.

I’ve had my Honor 7 for nearly three years*, and whilst the battery isn’t replaceable, it still lasts ages. If I don’t use it much I’ll easily get a couple of days out of it. Point is: some batteries are better than others, it would seem, so I wouldn’t necessarily reject a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery.

* and it cost under £250, which is about the limit I’d pay for a phone. Paying £1000+ is just insane.

You neglected to mention whether this phone has a headphone jack.

I went and looked up the specifications, and it doesn’t, which means I will never even momentarily consider buying one.

In future reviews, please try not to omit the essential information, okay?

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