OnePlus 2 cheap-phone overhyped but OK, say reviewers

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The OnePlus One was much more of a flagship killer than the Two. Cheaper, more functional (they removed NFC functionality in the Two, for some reason?), less likely to suffer from overheating issues (I don’t care what they say about the “new” Snapdragon 810 processor they have in there, Qualcomm really dropped the ball with that line). The precipitous drop in the Canadian dollar since the One was released last year has also made this much less attractive to us here in the great white north, as well. Ahhhh well.

At least three articles use that phrase, and I have no idea what it means. Flagship killer? Is that what the cool kids are saying now?

Flagship killer = “flagship” specs (top of the line processor, GPU, display, storage, etc) and build quality at a significantly lower price. IMO they were pretty close to doing it with the One… the Two, not quite so much. And the fact that they supposedly haven’t managed to build up their production capacity enough to keep up with demand over a year later leads me to believe that their invite system is now just being used as a clever marketing scheme to artificially limit supply, and thus increase demand, which kinda sours me on the company in general.


Eh. My OnePlusOne has been problematic (but the price was nice). WiFi was spotty for a long time. It mysteriously lost all its screens except the single home screen. Now the headphone jack has died completely.

I’ve only had it for 9 months.

On the plus side, I’m happy to have Cyanogen Mod. I’m not very technical but it’s nice to be able to control permissions and keep 3rd party apps from accessing my private info.


Flagship Killah is on fleek in DA CRIME-a.



It’s an attempt to avoid the hackneyed phrase “iPhone killer”.

Why can’t that be the name of a serial killer?


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There are, quite literally, boatloads of far, far cheaper and similarly spec’ed chinaphones in the world. I’ve been enthusiastically using them for years now. Thre hunnert’n some dollars seems like a lot.


Because electronics manufacture is generating too much profit?

How much are the people that make it paid? Where are the rare earth metals extracted? What’s the cost of having a low cost phone these days?

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Can you please recommend one or three “flagship killer” tutorial or sources for cyanogen, rooting and unlocking? Physics for Poets edition preferably?

There is so much information, it sometimes seems like there’s no information.

While I agree with you to a degree (I’m currently rocking a Lenovo K3 Note, and have reviewed an Elephone P7000 and a Ulefone Be Touch 2 this past summer), OnePlus is pretty much as cheap as it gets if you want a Qualcomm processor and not a Mediatek. MTK processors are ok, but still can’t really compete at the same level as with Qualcomm if you do any kind of gaming (though I have high hopes for the Helio processor line). I’m only a casual gamer, and the MT6752 eats batteries like a mofo.

I suspect that the answers to your questions are all unpleasant; but that they are also very similar to the ones for $600 phones(except for the one about profit, obviously). If the vendors pulling higher margins are using those to ensure better pay for workers, more environmentally friendly manufacturing, etc. they are being rather quiet about it.

‘Cheap’ in the ‘expendable shit that you’ll landfill in 8 months and buy another of’ sense is obviously bad social and environmental juju; but assuming reasonably similar durability there is a fairly small difference in footprint between high and low margin devices.

Has the 3rd party firmware situation on Mediatek gotten any better? When last I checked, they were being some sort of recalcitrant, and the situation was lousy, which really turned me off the idea of entrusting some random pacific rim vendor’s willingness to put out firmware updates for the life of the device. Are they better now?

A little bit better, but not much. Most of what you see is people porting ROMs from other phones or tablets (I’m currently running a port of the Nexus 8 AOSP ROM on my K3 Note, for example). There are people working on custom roms, but there’s still not much in the way of custom kernels due to a lack of source code (or so I’m led to believe… I haven’t really looked into it too much). For the more popular phones, there’s reasonable amounts of third party interest (mostly in Russia, but also some in Europe as well) in doing development work… But a lot of the lower end phones are “Buy and forget about ever getting any support for it” phones.

That’s not fair actually, you’re right in that it’s all relatively bad, but there is a scale. Apple get a lot of bad press because they’re an easy target but they’re probably one of the best out there, and they have a page dedicated to the environmental impacts of each product they sell.

But yea, it’s about having the least bad option, there are no ‘good’ options.

Judging from a random Indian review I found, it’s pretty much a mid-range Xiaomi with a weird case texture and half the battery life. And a worse version of Android, if you ask me. Yay, I guess? People find the weirdest stuff to obsess about.

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That review is of the OnePlus One, not the Two. I personally prefer CyanogenMod to MIUI, but that’s a bit of a personal preference thing, I think.

Also, I’m kinda shocked that they got under 6 hours of battery life on the One… Either they had a dud, or something else fishy was going on… Because I get nearly that much time of 1080p Youtube wifi streaming on my cheap little Lenovo with its 3000 mAh battery and a battery hogging Mediatek processor. In day to day usage, my buddy with a OnePlus One gets WAY better battery life than I do with the Lenovo, so I would expect it to do far better than my phone does on streaming HD video, nevermind what appears to be a loop of locally stored videos. TechRadar put it on par with a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5s. So either that Xiaomi has some AMAZING battery stretching techniques in its version of Android, or they screwed something up in their testing. I’ll note that NDTV also rates the Galaxy S5 higher than the Mi 4 in battery life.

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