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“I’ll give her detractors the time of day when they start dropping games developed on their own” != “people must be game developers to know if a game is bad”

I’m challenging her detractors to make games, mostly because it’s harder than writing criticism of games and I don’t think they’ll bother but hey! Maybe I’ll be surprised! And then it’d be a hoot to see how the criticism ( or success, far be it from me to prognosticate ) would go over when the roles are reversed.

As for your comment about being a professional chef, well, sure, everyone can decide if they like food or not. If I’m looking for an opinion on blue cheese, though, I’m going to go with a chef over a five year old. It’s not that a kid is wrong to dislike it, but I couldn’t reasonably expect 'em to like a good Gorgonzola.


OK, that was certainly an unexpected google result.


I see a slight flaw in your logic.

If somebody has played 0.0 hours, or 0.1 hours? Sure. Otherwise… People who don’t enjoy a game, aren’t likely to play it for long. Sure, there are some people who are determined, “I just spent $50 on this steaming heap of crap, I better play till I get $50 out of it!”, but most others will stop playing the game once it’s not enjoyable.

On the flip-side, people who enjoy games are likely to play them for a long time, and put loads of hours in (at least anybody I’ve ever met). This renders your suggestion of sorting for genuine reviews by hours play – invalid, it defies any reasonable logic.

That’s not how the review community on Steam works. There are hundreds if not thousands of people that receive free copies of these games because they play them and review them. It even says “Product received for free” at the top of the reviews on the page for them. That means there are also people that pay for games playing them in order to gain the legitimacy.

Also, I never implied “more hours = better quality reviews.” It’s a litmus test: ignore the <1 hour gameplay reviews, >2 hours is normally better because it’s past the period you can get a free and clear refund on the game.

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Somehow, the movie ended up being pretty decent (if you are someone that enjoys bad movies, anyways):

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I generally like schlocky films. I thought Blubberella was good fun, but I can’t say I enjoyed his film Rampage. I’m not sure I’d enjoy this one either, given the premise. Dude seems obessessed with mass shootings and I think there are probably lots of other ways to explore that topic without turning into torture porn. I thought We Need to Talk about Kevin was a brilliant take on the issue, actually. Tilda Swinton helped, of course.

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I haven’t seen the other films dealing with mass shootings, so the scene from Postal like that was darkly funny (after which Mr. Boll himself gets shot in the genitals).

I guess with the extra context from other films, it’s problematic. Sort of like just about every Alan Moore comic features rape as a plot point…

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Oh, yeah. I love Alan Moore and his comics are brilliant, but that’s a bit of a problem, I must say.


You never said it, but you quite clearly implied it. And you’re still missing the point.

I’ve bought Steam games, I’ve received refunds, I’ve left positive, and negative reviews. While I make no claims to representing the community, I figure I fall in with the general behavior the system is trying to draw from people.

I have specifically watched the clock, and said to myself “lets try another 30 minutes, if it still sucks, we can refund this steaming pile.”.

People who think a game sucks are entirely entitled to want a refund, and of course they’re going to play by the rules they need to receive one (IE: playing < 2 hours generally speaking before asking for money back). The suggestion that their reviews are less valid, because they asked for a refund, on a crappy product? Come on now, you can’t be serious.

If your reading reviews when you are considering to buy a product and you don’t want to read all of them, then you should read the ones that are more than an initial dismissal or praise of a game. The expectation is to get a review more in depth than just one person’s opinion.

There are always positive and negative reviews that have spent time with a game, and they are typically the ones that get voted up the most but not always. As far as simple checks for a consumer to make it’s much more accurate than an aggregate or shallow review which doesn’t necessarily agree with your personal tastes.

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