Right to complain: fighting back against Roca Labs




One has to wonder why anyone would buy their stuff!


Probably out of desperation. Roca labs markets their product as being a cheaper and safer alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Repeately trying and failing to loose weight can make someone willing to try anything that might work. And Roca was aggressively running really slick looking ads on Youtube. There product may be ineffective but I suspect their marketing was not.


Yeah. Google “gastric bypass surgery” and see what comes up first.


Actually they do say that the discount is “at least $800.00”.

Wow, that’s more than half off! What a bargain!


What a great business plan! I know a place where we can get bags of concrete mix for next to nothing.


Butter Coffee!!!


Our testing shows that people don’t weigh less when they eat concrete mix. That’s why we use (patent pending) ping pong balls.


Ping pong balls… filled with helium!


LOL, that one is new to me. But at least putting butter in your coffee isn’t likely to land you in the emergency room, the same can’t be said for some weight loss products.

As my husband is fond of pointing out almost all diet plans require you to move a little more, eat less and add a cup of woo. Only the woo really varies.


It was on the morning news when I was getting ready for work and then it was on the radio when I was driving in…
Butter coffee: Does Bulletproof Coffee taste good?


Well, since nobody else has mentioned it…Christ What a bunch of Assholes!


So… since I’ve never bought or used their products, I’m free to complain about them all I want, right?


Yes, but your complaints mean nothing, since you haven’t used the product.


I recommend adding a cup of “no sugar, sweeteners, honey, corn syrup, white flower” to your day. Results guaranteed.



Well, yeah, but be careful. You might want to do business with them some day.


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