Rightscorp finished Sept 2017 with $3,147 in the bank, warns investors it will likely have to shut down without more cash


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Few people have fixed IP addresses. Unless they get that information from the ISPs, they don’t have a handle on who’s still connected.

For all they know, the ISP disconnected Pirate Rick and reassigned the IP to Fishing Rick.


Adios mofos!



The company suggests that such an infusion would allow it to shift its business model to weaponizing surveillance data it has amassed on downloaders, so that rightsholders can sue ISPs for not disconnecting users.

Add in an additional layer of indirection - that should strengthen your case. Why not sue Bell Labs for developing PCM while you’re at it?


That’s 2¢ per share…

Rightscorp is a penny stock

Seems about right.


$0.90 in 2014.


I never get tired of the kitty. Look at that punim!!


How much would we have to crowdsource to pay the folks considering the investment NOT TO?


The question is, even at that price, who’s buying?


If you listen closely, you can hear the World’s Smallest Violin playing just for them.


People covering their short positions? You have to get them off the books eventually.


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