Rik Mayall from The Young Ones (RIP)


This is just heartbreaking. Suddenly the world is a less funny place.

I was lucky enough to see Mayall and Edmondson live on stage, having a wonderful time playing off each other in a production of Waiting For Godot. Here’s one of his many memorable performances:


i adore the young ones. this is horrible to read. RIP, People’s Poet.


Heartbreaking is that that’s the only role he’s remembered for – look up Comic Strip, New Statesman or Rik Mayall Presents on youtube/vimeo/whereever – he’s done some incredibly smart, funny work that never got released in the US


Some of my best high school moments happened while The Young Ones were playing in the room. They encouraged associated hilarity. This loss is so terribly sad. RIP you sweet, funny, talented man.


I saw him live being Kevin Turvey back in the day. Our classes in school on a tuesday were chaos, because they were all full of pupils repeating verbatim the script from the Young Ones from the night before, whilst gleefully punching each other. Happy days.


OH NO! The peoples poet it dead!!!

(This does suck!)

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Shamlessly cribbed off someone from twitter.


Very sad news.

I’m going to have to dig up some of my old bootleg copies of the Dangerous Brothers skits, now. Rik and Adrian took violent slapstick to a whole new level, starting early on and continuing to elaborate on that theme throughout the Young Ones and Bottom.

I also need to find my copy of Guest House Paradiso…


:’ (


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I was too young to remember him from the young ones (at least the first time around), but I have lots of memories of watching Bottom when I was in my early teens.

He also did a great King Herod.

(I didn’t see @SpunkyTWS already linked to this, going to leave it here though)

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Perhaps some Cliff Richard music is in order?


Wired for Sound?

Or do you mean this?


Don’t forget Flashheart in the Blackadder series (II and Goes Forth). Some of the funniest moments in a very funny series.


Terrible news. You will be missed “Pollution, all around. Sometimes up and sometimes down.”

But always “around.”

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This is really sad making. I was obsessed with Mayall for a while as a teen in the 90s. I watched him in the Young Ones, Bottom, Blackadder, Comic Strip, even Drop Dead Fred. I even sent him a nauseating fan letter with a friend when I was 13 years old (he never replied). What a crappy thing to happen!

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An unofficial blue plaque has been spotted at Hammersmith Broadway.



I am truly and deeply, saddened.

Flash by name, flash by nature! Wham!

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