The Young Ones had a very strange FIFTH housemate!


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Don’t look at me - I’m irrelevant!


“Too many cooks” syndrome?


I think I vaguely recall seeing the figure once or twice and just assumed it was Neil sitting in the corner with his hair over his face for some reason. I never really recall questioning it because, well, if you start questioning things in the Young Ones, you’re gonna be a while…


Great, now the show is going to seem weird.




Yes… That
And also 34 years, no… Can’t be.


Cousin Itt?


I think I recall seeing that person once. There were so many non-sequiturs in the show that it wouldn’t have seemed too out of place. Time to drag the old DVDs off the shelf and rewatch a few episodes.


i always just assumed it was some passed-out hippie left over from a party. /shrug


Assuming that this isn’t some strange internet prank masquerading as a psychology experiment and I haven’t been persuaded to make up a memory, I think I noticed them once or twice, but there was so much else going on in the episodes that I just shelved the memory.

Meanwhile, why would the young Ben Elton be hanging around the studio while the episode was being made? It’s not like the writer has a lot to do once they’ve handed over the scripts; it’s in the producer’s hands then, and if they want any writerly help they can just phone the writer up. Even if Elton was hanging around, he wouldn’t necessarily notice an extra being put in the background any more than any random viewer, or have any cause to remember it three decades later.


“neil, if you know it’s your birthday and we don’t care, where’s the surprise in that?”


Yeah, I can’t tell if this is some internet ghost story or real life. (I love it when that happens.) I only sporadically saw a limited number of episodes of the original show, so if this figure was there, I would have assumed it was one of Neil’s hippy friends and/or someone passed out after a party. So do I remember this, or do I only think I do?
I love how pre-internet television and films so easily created these kinds of easily-overlooked jokes and urban legends based on misread images - the only problem being that before the internet, I wasn’t aware of them, and after, they’re easily revealed/debunked. Although this one took a while… For this to really work now, you’d have to release multiple versions, with the character in some of the DVDs/video streams, but not in all.


Also, why hasn’t anyone made any Sadako references yet? Am I the only one in the intersection of The Young Ones and The Ring fans?


If she’s a fifth roommate then Buddy Holly is the 6th.


Actually, I remember her (or him). Didn’t recall her in every episode of the first season, but I knew I saw her more than once. Never really put much thought into the ghost/fifth roommate aspects though.


Why the hell wouldn’t anybody watch The Young Ones being made? It seems like a show where lots of improvisatory fun was had, so I can easily imagine them bouncing ideas off of each other.

Also, Elton was the “fluffer” when Kendal Mintcake was on stage.


First thought after Cousin It


Nope, that would be special patrol group.


“Cuuuuuuu-ckooooooooooooo Daddy Long-legs!”