Ringleader of college admissions scandal now admits he helped over 750 families sneak their way into college


The distinction without a difference here reminds me of the FEC foreign influence article posted here. In that case too, there had been naked, HUGE money corruption going on for years, but some smaller potatoes folks just failed to be savvy about how they were doing it. Hopefully this serves to draw attention to the Lawful Evil corruption going on outside of this.


No comfort at all. We live in a world where even “pretty damn rich” is not enough, you need to be “fabulously wealthy” and willing to forego any pretense of morality. I am “fairly well off” I guess, and my daughter really wanted to go to Brown, but we had to sit down and have a serious talk about scholarships and tuition bills. She will graduate from Adelphi next year with a double major and on Dean’s List. We will take that. I work in a performance based field, her major will land her in one also. Less important the school on the diploma than the ability to do what you say you are able to do, and we get to know that she actually earned the admission, the scholarships and the diploma. No, that is not comfort, it is just what it is. I don’t know how to do those animated memes that you guys do, but the guillotine would be quite appropriate for this story.


At least until the bread finally runs out, and all the never-ending circuses fail to distract the masses from their starving bellies, that is.


I read the transcripts of the recorded calls in which one of the parents explicitly demanded that his child not know that he was getting side-doored into USC. It’s pretty scummy to deceive your own child into thinking he was admitted on his own merits, but I still think anyone admitted under these circumstances needs to go. As the kids say these days “Too bad, so sad.”

On a side note, the above-mentioned parent is on the board at an expensive private school near me where a friend of mine teaches. We actually checked it out for my son since at my friend’s urging since apparently they give out huge wads of financial aid. But even it they covered 75% of the $40K tuition it would still have been a financial stretch for us. Ultimately my son told us he didn’t want to go to school with “all those spoiled rich kids” which ended the discussion.


Oh I got that part from you loud and clear.

I meant more on the global commentary being “oh my they id what?!”

Going through it all this past year with my daughter has been frustrating to say the least. Dealing with her passe attitude about getting into college was frustrating enough, but then all the other BS has been utterly painful.


Yes, of course, and many of us have been screaming this for years to deafening silence. And while the rich are bribing and cheating their way into the best schools and jobs, they have fueled a vocal campaign that screams at Americans that if you’re NOT getting those things, it’s because you’re a lazy fuck who doesn’t work hard enough and government isn’t going to help you out (because they damn well bought that, too).


Any school that claims to have a code of academic ethics should be taking immediate steps to kick those kids out and/or rescind degrees. But they won’t, because they were in on the scam and it’s their asses on the line, too, plus future fat donations from the nouveau riche.


Right off the bat, I bet pressurized air would be a great improvement on the guillotine. It’d get the blade up to speed faster, so it could be smaller.


It’s the kids I feel for, they won’t have Mummy & Papa around forever to do their work for them. Very sad indeed.


New book title: How to Build a Better Guillotine (why the poor are coming for the rich if they keep up with their utter bullshit).

And if you’re going to upgrade, pressurized air is a good start, but I want more. Let’s go with magnetic rails, like a coil gun. Sucker will be moving by the time it hits.



Jeez, you’ve gotta almost respect the moxie on that one. Scamming his way into Harvard wasn’t enough for the guy, he went for a damn Rhodes AND Fulbright scholarship.


Yours wanted to go to Brown too eh?

My daughter was hell bent and because we are RI residents had a semi decent chance to get in, but then realized for her degree choice (Music theory/Voice performance) Brown was not the place of choice whatsoever.

She then targeted UCLA to which I said if that’s what you want pursue it…but do you think spending nearly $300k on a BA in Music is a good idea?


That is hilarious. Mine is a vocal performance major (in jazz, yet) also. With a double major in psychology, now looking into grad schools for psych. Adelphi is a bit of a no name school on Long Island, but it has done very well by her, both in support and education, so I am more than content.

ETA: My wife would insist on adding, having just come back from her junior recital, that having to drive in NYC traffic to visit is not a selling point at all!


Mine is deciding between RIC and ECSU.

RIC is our alma mater so while it is an excellent music school, she is less than pleased with the idea of going to college literally 10 min away from our house.

ECSU in CT is by all standards has a stellar music program and its relative closeness to Boston, Prov, and NYC make it rather ideal for a small school with an equally manageable price tag. Plus it’s about 90 min away…so its just far enough that she feels she “went” to college. They also have a really nice brewery/pub in Willimantic :smiley:


Lottsa luck, man. It is a stressful adventure for all concerned. We are looking at our last to graduate from HS this year, he has already decided on community college for gen eds and decide on university after that, but that is our last rodeo. Yee haw, y’all!


In my opinion, these ‘elite schools’ just lost a huge chunk of reputation (again).

Next candidate I interview for a job who claims to have a degree from one of these will be scrutinized even more and believed less…


Once you’ve accepted the need for a powered system you might as well go with an electric motor. In that situation you could even have a stock of blade enclosures so you wouldn’t need to wait for a full blade cycle.


A percentage may fall into that category. The rest, though, could not have been in the dark when you consider the athlete/non-athlete statuses and the rigged SATs.


These cheaters are the wonderful people who will be running the country in the future, by the way…