USC says it will deny all students linked to admissions scandal (and has denied six already)


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It seem a bit rough outing the kids; but I guess that I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers/mothers upon the sons/daughters to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me.

I’m not saying that the kids of the wealthy should be allowed to buy themselves a high status degree (unless they are members of the Royal Family, of course), but it seems a bit rough publicising these kids names.


Not sure I get the millenial parenting tag… the parents involved are Gen X’ers and the kids are Gen Z.


But who would read the story if it didn’t include the NAMES of CELEBRITIES!!!


BTW for all the others, the sons and daughters of not-so-rich asshole examples of white privilege and corruption, you can sign up in a class action suit and maybe get your admission fees back or more:


A little sunshine is nice.


Thanks a LOT, MOOOOOM!


Well, in some cases the kids might not have been aware of the fraud that occurred - but for many, they clearly were part of it, misrepresenting their accomplishments in their applications, knowing their lie had support. So it’s about their sins.


I saw this article earlier today. So Stanford isn’t good enough for them? I don’t totally understand the logic here but then I didn’t go to Stanford (thankfully).


In that case, fuck 'em. :wink:


That’s awesome. Really most retribution/punishment/justice makes me just a little sad or at least guilty for feeling schadenfreude, but this isn’t really punishment so much as just not giving extra privilege to someone who cheated to get it. They can always retake exams, reapply to this or another school, or just live like the rich kids they are and still be better off than the other 99%ers.


“Now that we’ve been caught, we will absolutely do the right thing.”


Take a moment to recognize how bad ass Angela Bassett is thank you.


“…at least in the cases you know about.” I have a crrrrrazy hunch that this is more pervasive than 32 kids.


If you were one of these students, wouldn’t it make sense to leave school before you are expelled so you don’t have being expelled on your ‘permanent record’? If you’re over 18 and submitted an application with lies on it you committed fraud and any institution that figures that out and doesn’t boot you immediately is just tarnishing their own reputation.


I am a bit surprised that this is a scandal. I thought it an open secret that admission to and graduating from US Universities isn’t always based on academic merit alone e.g. G. W. Bush graduating from Yale and Harvard, sport scholarships in general.


Well even if you knowingly lied under 18 It’s not as if you didn’t perpetuate the lie after you turned 18. You don’t just get a clean bill for actions taken before you turned 18.


Legally speaking most if not all of these students are adults, though the process of buying college admission likely started when they were minors.


It’s breaking the unwritten code

  • Donate a building and your kid gets into Harvard (Jared Kushner)
  • Have a grandfather or father who attended, kid gets in as “legacy” (George W Bush)
  • Be good enough at a sport to provide unpaid entertainment to old alums (most D1 college athletes)

All of these are accepted and normal at US universities, this is a new take and thus frowned upon (maybe because the money went to third parties not to the endowment funds)


Everyone should drop out at least once. The day I dropped out of university was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt weightless.

When I finally went back and got my degree, it was on my own terms and felt great.