Ringleader of college admissions scandal now admits he helped over 750 families sneak their way into college


Right! I was shocked to learn that it was actually illegal.




Right? I keep coming back to that – this one “massive” scandal is less than the proverbial tip of the rotten iceberg.


I can’t help but think that figure is just the tip of the iceberg - the clients of just one fixer who got caught. I’m sure the children of all those parents who paid shady tutoring, college test prep, and related services should be sweating, too. However, I doubt it for the same reason you mentioned. Privilege is one hellava drug.


Meanwhile, I was turned away from a top tier graduate program because despite having extremely compelling application materials because it wouldn’t be “fair” or “objective” to ignore my GRE score (which has no correlation with academic success).




Bummer, I don’t drink Coke. :upside_down_face:


I read this in a Krieger voice.

(“I don’t drink coke”)


Socialize aaaaaaaalllllll the things.


Lets see 761 x $50k, i hope he paid his taxes on his crimes…

I’ve never heard of a better reason to reopen Trump University, all these students just got a free transfer or their diplomas switched over.



What is a board chairman doing with a yacht?

Oh how i wish we could get private money out of higher ed.


Smart kid.


Kushner paid only $2.5M to jump the line at Harvard? That’s really cheap. It takes $1M to get into the 92nd St Y, a New York preschool:




Most succinct summary I have seen yet.




I’m sensing an incipient outbreak of affluenza, a veritable epidemic about to break upon us.


I wonder if any of them have graduated yet - has this been going on long enough for that? If so … are their degrees forfeit, or do they get to keep those particular proceeds of crime?