Ringleader of college admissions scandal now admits he helped over 750 families sneak their way into college


I said “many” and deliberately did not say “most” except as a proportion of the “many”. There are many shades to trying beat the system and how big that many is depends where you strike your line. Should we count test prep that has no other real educational purpose? or does only fraud count?


Thank you for the clarification.


Ooooh, let’s see. Pneumatic piston? Rotating blades and a conveyor belt for high throughput? A comedy one mounted on a trampoline?


And, of course, lasers.


Laser guillotine sounds like the best improvement. It should cauterise the wound, meaning there is less clean up afterwards.


Howsabout self-forging projectiles propelled by shaped charges? I’m full of good ideas today, me.




Ooh, fatal mistake. After all, it’s the tax men that got Al Capone.

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