RIP Bruce Brown, groundbreaking surf film pioneer


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I think tried watching Endless Summer years ago and i just could not get into it. However i did see Endless Summer 2, also directed by Bruce Brown and i loved it. Pacing is slow but found the two surfer friends in the second documentary to be pretty likeable and their surf journey to be really compelling. I recall rewatching it years later not sure if it held up and i still enjoyed the hell out of it. Highly recommended to those that might be curious, and if it matters i’m not a surfer myself but yeah, i quite enjoyed it


Sadly the first movie isn’t on youtube, but coincidentally the 2nd is :smiley: here you go if anyone is curious enough to give it a chance


The first one is more of a quirky travel log of 2 surfers heading below the equator in search of surf. Very slow paced by modern standards but I really enjoyed it.

I will have to watch 2 later on today.

And I will recommend the follow up by his kid Dana which is more documentary and amazing footage with modern camera equipment…


Sounds like the second one as well, i would give the first one another try but i really don’t want to rent it :stuck_out_tongue:

But for sure check out the sequel and let me know what your thoughts are, curious to see how it compares to the original to someone that’s seen it


I stumbled on The Endless Summer a few years ago and just fell in love with it. Thank you, Bruce, for sharing your gifts - and for introducing the world to some talented people.


I’m not a surfer, but based on it’s reputation I saw “Endless Summer” some years back. I understand it was one of the earlier films that kicked off “indie documentaries” like “On Any Sunday”, etc. The scene above was, for me, also the most memorable one from the film as well.


Also directed by Bruce and also a really fun movie to see but set at much slower pace than modern cinema.


lets not forget “On Any Sunday” the motorcycle classic

or his kid Dana Brown’s “Dust to Glory”


Bummer. We just rented out a local theater to watch On Any Sunday for my birthday. Always amazing.


RIP, dude.


Perhaps I don’t watch too many documentaries of past decades, but all I remember from Endless Summer’s narration is how subtly racist and sexist it sounded.




“Oh man, you really missed it. Should have been here yesterday!”


Just done after watching off and on all day. More or less the same film with better production and newer music and a few different locations.


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