Buckaroo Banzai




“Laugh while you can, monkey boy,”


100% agree, total MUST SEE movie! No matter where you go … There you are!


One of my favorite movies ever! “Why is there a watermelon there?”


Sepulveda Dam https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepulveda_Dam


Sealed with a kiss, as dark as a knife, damned is your soul and-a doomed is your life!


Having heard of it, I bought this on DVD on impulse when I saw it for $5 or so… almost ten years ago now that I think of it. It’s still on the shelf, shrink-wrapped. I guess I’ll finally unwrap it. Although, I think I’ve seen it on Netflix available for streaming too.


What does Rob need to see? Buckaroo Banzai! When does he need to see it? Real soon!


It’s not available on Netflix for streaming right now, unfortunately.

In case anyone finds this useful, I found a decent website/app for checking to see if a film or TV show is available on any of the streaming services: http://www.canistream.it/


I’ll tell you later.


“Attention! We are not in the Eighth dimension! We are over New Jersey!”


They kept talking about doing the sequel for YEARS, but now too much time has passed. Maybe by now we can do a reboot, or Buckaroo’s son (or why not a daughter) carry on the family tradition?


And if you loved this film, there’s no reason not to love John Carpenter’s “Big Trouble in Little China” – same manic energy, same sense of an internally-consistent but externally wacky environment, being written by BB’s director, W. D. Richter.


This was a couple of decades ago, so I may be fuzzy on the details, but I believe it was Entertainment magazine that had a list of the one-hundred funniest movies of all time. I forget where it was ranked, but Buckaroo Banzai was in the list. And the blurb opened with, “Is it possible to make a cult film on purpose?” Apparently the answer is yes. Some films are born to cult greatness, some films achieve cult greatness, and some films have cult greatness thrust upon 'em. Buckaroo Banzai is all three.

Side note: Airplane! was number one on the list.


I’ll tell you later.


Banzai! I’ll see you in hell!


“Why me?”


Rob Smallberries.

It’s not my goddamn planet. Understand, monkeyboy?


“Don’t tug on that! You never know what it might be attached to.”


Not a good movie to see while stoned; it makes even less sense.

EDIT: Or it would, I imagine, if I had ever been stoned, which I never have. Ever.