The weirdest bumbling cat burglar movie of all time


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I have always loved this movie. Such a wonderful absurd heist film. Yeah it was a vanity film for Willis and I think it flopped cause everyone was expecting a Die Hard like action film from the marketing. But everything is so comic book over the top crazy that it amazes me that anyone could think it a serious film.


I loved this movie, but I haven’t seen it in years. I have to admit I’m afraid to watch it again for fear it won’t hold up under the weight of my nostalgic enthusiasm.

FWP, amirite?


The cappuccino joke is dated.


Lots of fun. I haven’t seen it since I saw it, so need to see it again.

How can anything with Richard E. Grant not be with watching? EVERYTHING with Richard E. Grant is worth watching!


Often considered one of the best movie to video game conversions, too.


This movie was one of the things that my wife and I bonded over.


This movie rules so hard. So much overacting, such a barely-followable plot, so much action, heists, etc. Don’t let anybody in hollywood see this comment or they’ll do a terrible reboot that completely misses the point like they did with Point Break.


I remember learning about this movie from an edition of Nintendo Power. I liked the movie when it came out, but sadly I don’t think many other people did at the time.


They can just throw John Woo or Michael Bay on it, I’m sure nothing could go wrong.


I was afraid of that as well.

I’d seen it in the theater, rented the tape from Blockbuster a couple of times and all was good.

Then I saw it somewhere in the last five years or so and I was just as entertained.

Bunny! Ball, Ball.


One of my fav films ever. It’s just fun and never understood why people took it so seriously.

“ahh Rome, I did my first bare handed strangulation here. The agency was respected and I got laid every night. God I miss communism.”

Loved the fact the code to the cuffs was the theme from In Like Flynn.


Or, a good reminder that at one point our country was not so super coffee oriented. I miss those days when coffee was just coffee. Cheap, simple and the same.


I was just talking to a friend about this movie the other day! Love it!

Bunny! Ball ball!




No, it holds up.


It’ll take a couple of years of
steady production, but I’ll flood
the market with so much gold that
gold itself, the foundation of all
finance, will lose its meaning.
Brokers, economists, and fellow
entrepreneurs will drown in the
saliva of their own nervous
breakdowns. Markets will crash-
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If Da Vinci was alive today, he’d be eating microwave sushi, naked, in the back of a Cadillac with the both of us.


For some reason, I thought Andrew dice Clay was in this flick.