Watch Hackers (1995) for free


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With, of course, the usual caveat: not available outside of the US


And Bio-Dome! What a treasure is YouTube Movies.


Not in the UK though.

It’s a shame. I was looking forward to a documentary on footballers who kick the opposing player in the shins, and not the ball.


Once more not out side the usa, unless you use a vpn…


Hack the world! Ah, “Hackers” you got so much so wonderfully, wonderfully wrong. Also, what was up with the Spock cut Angelina was sporting?


While at the same time getting so much right. Almost all the words are right, and almost all the visuals are wrong… it’s a conundrum.


Hey, if you’re going to make a movie about teenagers who hack computers, you can’t make them look like, y’know, teenagers who hack computers. Ain’t nobody buying a ticket to that show.


Eh, have you ever seen War Games?


Free, you say.

Too expensive.


Man - this is weird, I DID just rewatch this like two weeks ago. Then RedLetterMedia did a re:view on it, with Macaulay Culkin! Now this. What is going on? Glitch in the matrix?


Many times! That one they got the look right, but a lot of terminology wrong. Still, always nice to imagine the world being destroyed over 600 baud. For the purest 80’s tech teen cheese though, my go-to is always “The Manhattan Project” from 1986. Hack the missile defense system? Kid stuff. I’m going to build a nuke from stolen fissionable materials! In my garage!


Too true. Once time is spent, you can’t get it back.


Great 80’s teen flick! Couldn’t find the clip, but I love Lithgow’s incredibly arch overacting when he says, “Now, who wants to play?”


Here is another thing they got wrong.

You can’t get a building sprinkler system to come on by hacking the alarm. Fire suppression sprinkler heads are plugged with a glass cylinder designed to melt at a predetermined temperature. So sprinkler heads only go off in the presence of flames. Not by hacking the alarm system. Even during a fire, they only spray water where the heads have been exposed to flame. Its not like one goes on, and they all go on.


VPN your way to glory


It’s a great movie. There’s a ton of stuff in it that gets nerd and hacker culture wrong, but it’s done in such a way that it’s enjoyable to poke fun at in retrospect (rather than being insultingly wrong).

Hack the planet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, can’t run a VPN right now, otherwise I would.


It is absolutely a great movie. The nerd and hacker culture weren’t even all that wrong, just very over-the-top. A lot of the geeks and hackers I knew at the time were into everything the protagonists were, but didn’t have underground clubs and parties so much as Dew-and-Cheeto meetings in someone’s dorm room. Really, it was just leaving the reality of geeks behind for the fantasy of what geeks themselves wished they could be.

Re-watching it, the only cringe-worthy parts I find are the fractal images while hacking, the singing and dancing virus, and the whole “you’re closest to the virus - type this!” line.


I can forgive the over-the-top aspects of the movie, even the hacking because honestly real world hacking is rarely exciting to a spectator. The stuff they say sometimes is just so wild, correct or not it makes me laugh but what i appreciate most about the movie is that despite how campy it is there’s some earnestness in its attempt and i respect that.