RIP J.S.G. Boggs (1955-2017) - an artist who drew his own money


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Oh, too bad! I love his work.


RIP Boggs. I was talking about his art just last week. I’m sad to hear this news.

(ETA: I seem to recall he’d been arrested on counterfeiting charges many years ago. Does anyone know what became of that situation?)


Boggs was a real character, and a wonderful artist. I highly recommend the biography “Boggs: A Comedy of Values” by Lawrence Weschler. There’s also a nice exhibit catalog from a 1990 show in Tampa called "J.S.G. Boggs / smart money (Hard Currency).


The UK case ended in an acquittal. In the US his home was raided multiple times by the secret service, and thousands of items were confiscated, but no charges were filed. The confiscated items were not returned.


Picasso used to pay EVERYTHING with checks. Most of them were never cashed as the signature was worth more than the $1.20 the check was for.


Terrific book, came to recommend the same, sad!


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