RIP Kit Reed, brilliant giant of science fiction

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Didn’t know her as a scifi writer, but rather via her off-kilter Gothic-ish suspense novels under the name Kit Craig. They were cool.

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Kit was an amazing human being. I had the unique opportunity to TA her interactive writing class as an undergrad and this news is bringing a flood of memories back to me. The class involved logging into a remote server with telnet that provided a Zork like interface. Students would navigate the world, could build on top of unexplored territories, and share stories. For the final class, everyone would finally get a chance to come together to meet in person after living only behind their handles for a semester.

This was over a decade ago, and really pointed towards the MMORPGs to come much later. I have to dig around and see if it’s still up and running somewhere.

In the meantime, I’ll grab one of her books that I missed and and give it a read in her honor.

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That does sound amazing. I only knew her work, mostly short stories but I was always glad to run into one.

I have always been into science fiction, and don’t recall hearing of Kit Reed until now. They sound as if they had an amazing life, and it makes me curious about their work.

ETA: And they lived only a few miles away from me!

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