RIP Larry Harvey, Burning Man founder


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This breaks my heart. As a participant and volunteer for nearly a decade Larry and BRC expanded my views of the world in ways I would have never expected, forged friendships that have transcended a crazy event in the desert and just flat out helped me grow to be a better more well rounded person than I think I would have been otherwise. It’s been exactly 10 years since I last attended so I have missed some of the recent growing pains but I think the greatest lesson I learned was that the BRC spirit Larry started is something we take with us everywhere and can infuse into every aspect of our lives. :heart:


Some of the earliest web sites that stepped out beyond academia were in some part an outcome of his efforts. I remember finding Bianca’s and marvelling at the artistic and technical ingenuity. You can see traces of the same DNA here.

Then there was dinner with Greg Stafford, enthusing about trilobitology. Including the burner movement now growing here in Oz, he leaves us with a world full of wonderful things.


So sad. Indeed. I want to say R.I.F. (Fire)
Does that sound tacky? Way back in the 80’s we
( SFOpera stage crew ) would burn canceled show scenery on Ocean beach. We heard about another beach bonfire that became Burning man.


When Gene Roddenberry died, his wagon train to the stars kept on sailing, though he was sorely missed. I have much the same response to this news. No matter what else happens, the Man will Burn.


I like Rest in Fire
Though as farewells
To burners 'parted go
Burn In Peace is also
Nice and will suffice


Why do we build the man?
So he may burn again.


I hope they’ll give him a decent funeral…


I assume he will be cremated, vs buried.


coincidentally, we were on the road to SF from reno yesterday when i saw the news on twitter. we were headed to the city to meet up with our campmates to plan things for this year. last night we raised a toast to Larry, and i made the point that it if wasn’t for him, none of us would know each other.


Your assumption is correct.


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