RIP, Linux Journal

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Linux Journal runs shutdown -h now for a second time: Mag editor fires parting shot at proprietary software


Well that sucks. Kyle is a good guy.

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I thought it had gone already. After I stopped seeing it at tye newsstand, I never really heard anything about it.

It’s kind of sad that other newer Linux magazines keep going, especially when they aim at a more popular market.

Wasn’t there a Unix Journal before, or maybe overlapping? Phil Hughes was connected with LJ, but if I reacall he was already in Unux publishing before that, some laminated “cheat cards” related to Unix, I think some books, and maybe a magazine.

This memory is strong enough, yet too vague, that initially I thought LJ was a retitling and repurposing of a Unix magazine. Of course, Unix still exists, but for the vast population it’s Linux they talk about.

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They had an article where the editors chose their favorite distro. That led me to Mepis which was the first that I started to use full time. For that I’ll always be grateful.

LinuxJournal is dying? It won’t be official until Netcraft confirms.

Damn… I even used to subscribe to the print edition back in the late 90s. Bummer.

Remember ol’ User Friendly? That was my thing for the longest time. I know things went really downhill towards the end, but I hope J.D. Frazer ended up somewhere nice. (He’s certainly done a good job of lowering his profile.)

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