RIP, MAD Magzines's Jack Davis


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I remember him fondly!


Man, I used to love pouring over his spoofs in MAD, finding all the little funny things going on in the backgrounds. I was pleasantly surprised to find the same sort of goofiness going on in his movie posters. Thanks for all the quality laughs, Jack.


My mother hated MAD Magazine which is why I always read it surreptitiously at friends’ houses. And loved it. The jokes were great but I also loved the intense amount of detail in the pictures.

He gave us so much. Hail and farewell Mr. Davis.


My mom would buy Mad when she was at the grocery store! Now that I think of it, none of my friends’ moms did that… How odd!


He was a master at caricature.


cause your mom was awesome!


Yup! She even bought me on of those MAD paperback books when we went on vacation in '77!

I never understood why she didn’t buy a subscription instead of buying one issue at a time (at full price CHEAP!) at the store. The thrill of the “impulse purchase” perhaps?


My first exposure to MAD was some collected books in the library. So these would have been stuff from the 60s and 70s I think. I loved Spy vs Spy. I remember some of the bits, one was car fins and their evolution. (So maybe they were even older, from the 50s?), and political commentary on Communism.

One image that stuck in my head from all those years ago is Alfred E. Neuman wearing one of those fur hats saying:

“In Russia you can say anything you want. Once.”


Then you and she unknowingly missed out on William Gaines personally watching over your subscription. Not that you had any way of knowing that and I’m pretty sure most subscribers didn’t, but according to Dick DeBartolo’s Good Days & Mad Gaines went through all the magazine’s correspondence, including subscriptions. If someone let theirs lapse he’d send a letter suggesting they’d just forgotten to renew.


Those were the ones I grew up reading. My uncle’s about a decade or so older than me and he had a huge collection of Mad, Mad Specials, etc. (The Plop reprints, Cracked, and one or two issues of Crazy were my own fault, though.)


I especially loved his design work on the ridiculous Mad Monster Party.


Oh I still need to listen to this one as the podcast gets updated often…
But a recent episode of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast has Dick DeBartolo and Al Jaffee as guests.

Also a mini episode with two of the younger mad staff which I have heard.


He was commissioned to do the artwork for a postage stamp too.


Dude - I was going to post that, but I thought I would be the only one who would find it interesting.

My dream is to design a postage stamp.


Not long ago I found an old copy of Cracked in a box in my attic. I’m pretty sure it belonged to a friend who accidentally left it with me–as far as my mother was concerned Cracked and MAD were equally evil. How I managed to hide it all those years ago is a mystery.

I mention it because it has a parody of MAS*H which is kind of funny but the art just isn’t the same quality as Davis’s. Not by a longshot.


It’s not what it used to be.


One more part of my childhood gone to the graveyard :disappointed:


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