MAD’s Mort Drucker back on newsstands

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The movie and TV parodies were always the least compelling parts of Mad magazine for me as a kid. Still, I’d always skim through them for Drucker’s art before moving on to the stuff I was there for.


We were subscribers to the end and I thought it was remarkably strong all the way through. A few old stalwarts like Sergio Aragones and Al Jaffe were still putting strong stuff out, while some of the newer segments were actually quite timely and approachable for younger mutants. ‘’Twas a national treasure.

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Oh wow. I didn’t actually know MAD was gone. That’s really sad. I absolutely loved it as a kid. Dug through every page with a fine tooth comb, finding the Easter eggs in the art, laughing at the jokes I got and trying to understand the more adult ones that I didn’t. The world is a lesser place without MAD in it.


I’ve never seen Fatal Attraction or even really ever looked at clips or screenshots, so it lives in my mind only as a Mad Magazine parody that I barely understood, but re-read often (I don’t even know how we ended up with that single issue floating around the house…)

ETA: wow, when I went to look up images, everything that showed up for that issue was like a memory blast, including these Bulging Belly Burner guys


Starring EC and MAD longtime publisher, Bill Gaines, front and center! I’ll bet the other two guys are MAD writers and/or editors as well, but I can’t think of their names at the moment.


that particular issue is one of the seasonal varities that stay on the shelf a while. I feel like it’s been out at least a year and a half. maybe more. So you have a good chance of finding it at any supermarket that still sells magazines. I worked as a colorist for mad for a few years at the end of it’s run. (before it moved to california and got new staff) I think there’s at least one sergio strip i colored in this one. :slight_smile:


fuckin A!


To me the Mort Drucker’s E.T. parody (Q.T, the Quasi-Terrestrial, I believe) was the funniest movie parody they ever did. I probably haven’t read it in 40 years but certain gags from it still stick in my mind. The jokes tickled me just right and I loved Drucker’s caricatures of E.T. and the kids. I loved that Mad issue way more than I liked the movie (even though I was the same age as Henry Thomas).


I did the exact same thing! My dad had collected Mad when he was a kid, so I would read them whenever we to my grandparents’ house. I started collecting them as myself as soon I started to get allowance. I still have my collection as well as my dad’s. Mad Magazine definitely shaped (warped?) my sense of humor.


I’m not near my copy of “Good Times and MAD”, but Dick Debartolo had a chapter in that book on that ad specifically; they were friends of Bill Gaines in the publishing industry and somewhat notorious in their own right, IIRC.


one of them was the publisher of screw magazine, al goldstein. i cannot recall the other except that he was in the magazine industry just like the other two.


lyle stuart, publisher of renegade press.


Well in my case, it got me into The Godfather (via a Super Special from 1983).I hadn’t seen the movie but read MAD’s version anyway. When it came on cable a few months later, I already had an idea of what was going on - like having read a really silly version of Cliff’s Notes.

That said, it was decades before I saw Marathon Man & realized that’s what I’d read in the first issue of MAD that I ever saw.


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