MAD magazine looks at what's on Vladimir Putin's desk

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After all, we all know what’s under his desk.



I was picturing a gel filled stress relief toy made in Trump’s likeness. Squeeze it and the widdle hands inflate from life size to normal size and back again. Very relaxing.


I Love the ripped copy of Pussy Riot


I thought for a moment that was a Time Magazine issue featuring Trump on the cover. Apparently, there’s an actual one with Putin*…


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I have loved MAD since the 70s, when I would read my big brother’s copies. I have rescued boxes of them from my parents’ house. (One of those boxes is about four feet from me right now.) I still haven’t gotten over the blow of MAD accepting ads. I really don’t like change.


I appreciate the autographed picture of Dr. Evil.


The Hacking for Dummies book is a nice touch. But where are the launch codes?

Next up, Trump’s desk.

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the MAGA hat is a nice touch

Am I the only one that thinks Pierogi Hut is a great idea?


Ads now? Really? That’s a shame.

I, too, remember getting all of my brother’s hand me down MAD magazines. I’m certain they helped me be who I am today.

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I would go there right now.

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(They’ve run ads since 2001.)

I’m with you: MAD taught me about politics, history, society… everything! I think it influenced (or maybe just resonated with?) my whole self!

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