RIP, Richard "Datamancer" Nagy




Holy… Him and Van Slatt are the reason I found a forum I’d been frequenting for the better part of a decade now. Can’t say I knew the guy but still. Sadness.


same here. He is why I build steampunk’d cases here in Tokyo. Stupid cars.


A goddamned shame, we exchanged e-mails a while back when I was building a keyboard and he was incredibly helpful all the way along. A great, great guy.


Ouch. Now I regret not having purchased that machine… not the dead-artist investment angle, but because I think he deserved another “ya done great” before we lost him.

The world just became a little less full of wonder.


I haven’t commented here in quite awhile. I created this login just to say that I am deeply saddened by this. He was an incredible maker, a charismatic and all around wonderful person. He inspired me, and I think he also generally pushed the ‘maker culture’ forward in ways that nobody else had.

I will miss him greatly.


That is dreadful news. His breathtaking work may continue to inspire others, but I can’t imagine what else he might have created given the decades more he should have had.


His artistic touch will last too impress many more too come. Rest in peace.


What a shock. Rich and I exchanged emails after I built the first “Villanizer” steampunked guitar, he was such a kind, genuine guy. Unbelievable. Goes to show, take nothing for granted. Rest in Peace DM.


Sad, really sad. He sold me on steampunk when I first thought it was just another silly idea. But his work was original, and it was art.


What a bummer.

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