Rite in the Rain notebooks

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Personally, I like a Rhodia small note pads and a mostly used Blackwing 602 with a pencil cap. I’ve thought about this… a lot.




We keep one of these next to the tub, just in case my husband has a great math idea while in the shower or taking a bath.

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Awww! It’s like the scientist’s field notebook is making a bid for pop commercialization!


Yup. They are only 30 years behind.



Brings back memories of doing biology fieldwork in the mountains back before everyone had a tablet.


Back before the Internet, Rite in the Rain and more would found in the Prospectors catslogue. https://prospectors.com.au

These were critical back when I was still doing field archaeology!

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Everyone’s favorite field notebook - I’ve filled a number of them, many with cryptic notes like

0947 GPS +43.2725-74.3198 vy lg beech tree fallen acrs old stone wall apx 15-195 true, baro alt 1680, no vis blazg, follwg wall S.

(Context: “Whoops! Looks as if I’ve lost the trail. OK, this hike is now a bushwhack. I’ll follow this wall for a little bit and see if it crosses the trail again. Better read my barometer, and record a recognizable landmark, a compass heading and a time hack in case GPS goes wonky or the battery craps out. Surprised how well that wall’s held up. Nobody’s lived here in 150 years.”)

(Further context: “I know where I am. I don’t know where the trail is. That’s why I’m out here today, the trail map is horrible and I’m trying to make a better one.”)

NOT: “OMFG! I’ve lost the trail!!!” Wilderness trails are … approximate. Losing them, or finding them impassable, is all in a day’s hiking. If you can’t deal with that, hike more developed trails in the ‘front country’.

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I’ve never heard of these. Please, can you elucidate?

(Like I need more writing implements to covet. I still can’t justify the spend on the pen and ink I need want crave.)

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