Road maintenance manager affirms that painted penii do not hasten pothole remediation


Someone painted a penis around a pothole to get the council to fix it. It backfired, badly

Such a click-bait headline from the Independent. The plan didn’t work but it didn’t backfire (BADLY!). Had the maintenance company deliberately made the pothole bigger, that would have been a backfire.


Perhaps the road phallus’s are not emphatic enough.




Phalli. /pedant.

But I’m thinking a phallus is not the best choice of genitalia to emphasize a pothole. Where is Judy Chicago when we need her.?


I thought the same! Potholes after a rain and with Judy’s sensibility would make quite the impression.


So who is it that keeps cocking up the roads?


Not to mention manhole covers. Nudge nudge. :wink::wink:


That explains why the guy at the hardware store looked at me funny when I used that word for these.


I bet painting phalluses a lot like the call elevator or the crosswalk buttons. Pressing them doesn’t actually do anything except it makes the person who presses them feel better.


So I painted my penis for nothing?


You really didn’t have to paint The Scream on it… points for trying though


Wow yours came out so much better – it looks like the real painting!! Mine looks like a surprised snake.


Third declension i-stem.

Case	    Singular	Plural
nominative	pēnis	    pēnēs
genitive    pēnis	    pēnium
dative	    pēnī	    pēnibus
accusative	pēnem	    pēnēs
ablative	pēne	    pēnibus
vocative	pēnis	    pēnēs

It’s not second declension.


Interesting order of cases. We were always taught nominative, vocative, accusative, genitive, dative, ablative. But the wiktionary order probably makes more sense, given the habit of specifying a Latin word by an ordered pair of its nominative and genitive.


I was taught nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative. Vocative and locative were sort of shunted off to one side as extra cases. .It’s been decades though.



“Agricola, agricola, agricolam, agricolae, agricolae, agricola”.

And yet, not long enough.


I am sure my Latin teachers tried me to teach some order of cases. probably memorized by me for at least 10 seconds.


At this moment, I am unexpectedly relieved that I never had to take Latin.


You clearly didn’t have my Latin teacher *shudders*


Not yet!