Road maintenance manager affirms that painted penii do not hasten pothole remediation


May I propose the following:

That “penii” be reserved exclusively in describing someone who has more than one penis.

Thank you.


“Surely the plural is penisusses?”

In the dog-eat-dog world of penises… all bets are off.


penlethora[quote=“lamaranagram, post:30, topic:97379, full:true”]
So I painted my penis for nothing?
the painting might be done already, but whether or not that goes to waste is up to you!

Darn, i must be doing it wrong, all i ended up with was a sad gummy worm hiding in a wig.


As a Polish speaker,* that’s cute.

*not so much anymore. Forgot most of it because the grammar’s so weird.


No. I assume that painting it felt really good.


A flock of sheep
a herd of cows
a raft of kayaks
a school of fish
a parliament of owls
a kaleidoscope of butterflys
a _______ of penii




Bell end?


Everything I know about English grammar, I learned in French class.






erection? (as in ‘to build’)(and a double entendre)(and not to be confused with eruction)


Since we’re dealing with a third-declension noun, the -culum diminutive is perfectly cromulent, but I do prefer “penicillus”.






That could work.


If life gives you ____, make a cockade.


For some reason that reminds me of poetry by Captain Beefheart:
“Fast and bulbous; tight also.”


Shirley that is the plural of ‘humorously shaped vegetables’.


“Would you decline a tequila?”
“Atequila, atequila, atequilam, atequilae, atequilae, atequila.”