Road maintenance manager affirms that painted penii do not hasten pothole remediation


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“Penii” is NOT A WORD.


Surely the plural is penisusses?




If the penis in question is neuter, then the plural might indeed be penera.

For the record:

If a Latin plural ends in -ii, the singular most likely ends in -ius.
So if your penius has been infected by a virius, you’re in trouble.

Apart from that, for myself, I don’t need the plural, and for my rivals, I use the plural “peniculi”.


Well, that’s one way to interpret the logo.


I assumed it was penes.


Didn’t this also happen in an episode of The League? Didn’t work there either.


Clearly somehing more obscene will have to found.




Graffiti still not a bad idea since it makes the holes more visible. For a car it’s just a bump, but if you miss one on a bike you can get a close hug from the pavement.


I always thought it was penes.

EDIT: @LearnedCoward beat me to it.


Draw a hand either side, and you’ve got yourself a goatse pothole.


Penis?? It’s a hole- paint some pubic hair on it.


You are, of course, technically correct. That’s the plural I would use if I were to converse in Latin about the private parts of men I respect.

But for rivals and enemies, I think the use of the diminutive form, “peniculi”, is more appropriate. Although I’m still a bit unsure, as there exist also the female and neuter variants of the diminutive, “peniculae” and “penicula” in the plural, which some proudly male individuals of our species might consider even more insulting.

If you ask me, the diminutive is the single grammatical form whose absence most seriously limits the expressiveness of the English language.


As one does.


If I were to have that conversation, it would be in Latin.