Rob Ford still dead?


Is he merely dead or most sincerely dead?


(is this where I confess that the foot-curling thing freaked me out at age 5?)




Did something happen to Rob Ford?


I don’t know… do you start a thread to find out?


I thought he’d been sighted at a California restaurant.

Man angrily throws 13 foot Rob Ford at City Council


Rob Ford still dead?




Still dead.


Thats good, cuz he’s been laying in state in the lobby of city hall all day under an honour guard… it would be really weird for those guards if he wasn’t!


Is there a microphone on the honour guard?

“He moved.”
“I’m telling you, he moved.”


ewwww. I hope they’ve got him in a big ass rubbermaid bin with a clear top… the off-gassing could be dangerous


Lest we forget the corrosive strength of Rob Ford.


Perhaps 2016 is taking all the artists so that it can resurrect Rob Ford? Somebody had better go check on him


Did he ever truly live is a better question.



I can’t not read that as “Robo-Trob”


I like Robo-Trob way better.


You may rely on it.


I might as well confess that it still freaked me out at 14.

Hell, still does. Thank God they never foleyed in some breaking celery or I’d still be losing sleep.

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