Robin Williams and Parkinson's Disease

I’m so sorry to post this news, but anything that helps to explain why a suicide happened helps people to process it. It was reported a short time ago that Robin Williams had recently received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. His wife, Susan Schneider, made the announcement, and reiterated, “he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, which he was not yet ready to share publicly.”

I’m posting the CNN and L.A. TImes articles on the story.

I’ve known people who’ve carried on with hobbies despite progressive MS and Parkinson’s. But depression can sap a person of the resiliency that lets others persevere. One more weight to carry, perhaps amplified to crushing mass by depression.


Yeah, and he already was pone to depression and anxiety. Parkinson’s has depression as an early onset symptom. It’s just lousy news.

I spent last night (!) recovering from surfing and watching Robin Williams.

His appearances with Parkinson, the UK presenter, are incredible. He’s more managed than on Letterman etc - and ferociously funny, unstitching for instance Stephen Fry, who he gleefully atomises into the giggles:

They’re equal geniuses; the one recognised for his erudition and “English” presentation; the other having the additional artillery of spinning the mind. Williams was about as respectful as he could be during the conversation … ! Wonderful sight.


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