Watch the trailer about Robin Williams' struggles with dementia

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As informative as this may be, I’m really not in the mood to have my guts torn out this evening thanks…

Having grown up with Robin Williams pretty much everywhere, I’d need a unicorn appetizer, a unicorn chaser, and a unicorn escort to bed (with lullaby) to make it through this.


Nah, I’ll pass;

Come Inside My Mind was less depressing…


Are you trying to hurt me?


Thinking about Robin Williams still hits me hard. Somehow a documentary talking about his final days just seems like sadness-porn to me. I don’t have a need to have my heart broken, i know enough of the details as to why he did it and don’t need to a voyeuristic deep dive into it. I have a hard enough time wanting to watch his regular films these days without it bumming me out.

Sadly one of my fave movies of his is What Dreams May Come, which a central plot element is suicide and i just can’t see myself watching that any time soon.

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