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And as became painfully apparent, Mr. Williams was indeed exhausted, in a way that needed direct attention.

This reminds me of that Keaton movie, Birdman? Where the protagonist is terribly ill, but all the people around him just…ignore it for their own convenience. I dunno if that’s the case here, but the way Robin Williams was pursuing work speaks of that to me.


Yes, he needed the money, especially now that he had two ex-wives and a new spouse he wanted to provide with a comfortable home.

It goes to show you that someone who seems to be the most free of spirits can find a way to yoke himself to an exhausting series of treadmills.


How sad. I’d rather remember Williams at his zenith. Here he is with his old classmate, Dick Cavett:

(Is anybody old enough to remember Dick Cavett?)


Never underestimate the willingness of parasites to latch on to good people.

I don’t know whether any of the wives were parasites or not, but if you’re on your third marriage at age 60, following a second marriage to the nanny of the child of your first marriage (which happened at age 27) maybe you should be re-thinking the whole marriage thing as a personal choice for yourself.

You are correct, though, that in general parasites are just waiting to take advantage of good hearted people with money, fame or power. I’ve observed these creeps doing their thing first-hand since I was a teenager and it’s bloody gross.

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