Robinhood stock trading app scares 20-year-old into suicide

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Millenials? 20 year old might be on the young end of Generation Z or whatever is after that. With out an image of said UI I’m not sure what my thoughts are other than damn… even if you owed that much declaring bankruptcy is an option better than suicide. WTF is wrong with our country that people are ingrained to believe their life is worth less than that?


image That’s the best shot I could get… yeah it looks bad assuming it’s not a mock up for the story. Still the default should be “hahah those morons trusted me with that much $$ on credit? they deserve to get stuck with it…” and not “I think I’m going to end it all”. Not blaming the kid but saying our society’s priorities are fucked up.

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I’m questioning what else this guy had going on in his life that contributed to his making this sort of radical decision. Playing with monetary systems he likely didn’t fully understand sounds like risk-taking behavior to me and I have suspicions that stock trading wasn’t the only example of this type of behavior he was up to.

Neither the CNN story or this post are good reporting on suicide.

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