Robo Revenge automates the process of suing telemarketers

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This guy is my hero, sending love and kisses.


This kid for president.


This looks like a great system. However, the phone companies should already be doing this for us. They are routing the calls. They have equipment to trace spoofed call numbers, and they have the clout and the personnel to eliminate this plague.

Why aren’t they doing this already? They make money from the companies who generate these insanely annoying robocalls.


I’d like to see their recovery totals.

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If there was a god, this guy would be doing his work.


Is this iOS only? Android? Can it work on my laptop? Where do I get it? Is it a Chrome extension? Can I have it on my desktop so that I can use it when I get innumerable calls on my home phone?

The actual details are non-existent.

Edit: donotpay is only iphone and ipad. So… that.

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If only it weren’t the case that all the telemarketing calls I get are using spoofed phone numbers and hiding their real identities [edit: working as middlemen]… even the ones trying to sell me vacations. Oh well, hopefully this helps somebody.


I especially love how Vice refuses to actually link to the website they are writing an entire article about.


I think that’s the point of the burner card. The phone may be spoofed but when they charge the card they reveal themselves.


So the cruise ones are not based overseas?

I think I only get the overseas scams these days. CRA etc. Then again I don’t answer and only hear the ones that leave a message

Can’t find this app to download. Seems like they jumped the gun announcing this.

The problem is that the people calling me are middlemen working for someone else, so they’re not usually the ones who would be taking my credit card information.

It’s also available for Android.

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