Robot-voice Obama explains the difference between his administration and Bush's

Here’s an Xtranormal Obama explaining the difference between his NSA spying and Bush’s NSA spying: Another important difference between my administration and the Bush administration is that when the Bush administration secretly spied on you, the Bush administration could not point to a single judge willing to say their program was legal. We, on the… READ THE REST

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The FISA court is under the control of Chief Justice Roberts, and he has hand picked 9 (?) judges, all of them Republicans. Totally Obama’s fault?

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Let’s all spend the next week trying to think of something about our government we can trust.Best suggestion wins an all expense paid photo-op with Barack and Michelle,America’s First Celebrities. Other media opportunities may follow,that is up to your agent.

There are a minimum of two(2) governments in this country.The visible one is the least important.But we are all a part of this great democracy.

Like totally gag me with a spoon! Shall we spend more time defending the President? Because you know he has no control over anything and his complacency shouldn’t be pointed out at all…

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I regards to Obama’s role in all this; Spot on!

Texas, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida are all rushing through screwball legislation like abortion bans, usually in midnight sessions without press coverage or debate.

All of this happened over the 4th of July, in a very coordinated national action, when nobody is paying attention.

Almost certainly student voting will be banned as well, probably right before the 2014 election, so they can retain control of these states. Various proposals have been floated in these states to ban student voting, but now that the Voting Rights Act has been weakened it will be full speed ahead to disenfranchise voters.

Private powers are moving fast in a tightly coordinated manner to seize control of specific states, no doubt with the goal of throwing the next presidential election. Private powers have formed a shadow government and highly organized national conspiracy.

I have no doubt the flabby libertarians will continue to pout on the sidelines, but what about the whingey hipsters?


Just like it’s Obamas fault the Voting Rights Act was weakened. I hear he’s a secret Southern Baptist and a Klansman!! And he wasn’t really born in Hawaii, he was born in Texas! He’s the secret love child of Strom Thurmond! And his autobiography was secretly written by William F. Buckley!

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While this isn’t an exact reply to this article it does fit nicely with the rising feelings for both sides.

I’m a Republican, and honestly I think/hope in another 10-20 years you are going to either see a massive decline in this party or a complete overhaul. Repubs who are 40-ish and under I doubt have a strong opinion against gay marriage (unless they are extremely religious), at least among the people I know this is how it is. Now crossing that 50+ age mark and things get iffier. But that’s the dichotomy at work, and similar things can be seen on the Democratic side (all be it in different, less draconian ways).

In a way I feel like everyone is sort of playing toward the same end game. The Republicans version would take a 1000 years to get there, the Democrats way maybe 100 if that. However the growing pains between the two are equal, one just being much more compressed and felt by the present than the other. What I’d like to see is someone stop talking about what they are going to make happen right now, and tell me what they are going to do to make a better future right now.

I think the first step should be no one over 50 should be in any position of government (maybe 60 for some positions.)

You, as in you the voter (assuming you are a voter) need to tell Congress Hey stop funding these programs. Because your representative has probably been voting to fund it. Don’t like it? Then get someone to run in your district on the promise that they will end funding to these programs.

If “both parties are the same” it’s because of people that do nothing but whine about politics.

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That’s interesting. How so, and what would this same “end game” look like?

Seems to me instead that Dems and Repubs want very different outcomes.

I think most people see the future as a melting pot, it’s almost inevitable. (And when I talk about future, I mean well past our life times.) However the differences you see are the rate of change to make that homogenous, everyone can live in peace and harmony, future happen. Republicans always are cast as the guys who want to live in the past, and there is a ton of truth in that. But it’s not that they aren’t willing to move a step forward, it’s that they aren’t willing (or don’t want to) move 10 steps at one time (ie. during their life, or at least a good 30-40 year time span). So when all these “changes” are presented they react just like a child and lash out, trying to keep some semblance of what they have grown accustom to. The left/Democrats then push back and it’s this yo-yo affect.

I think one of the huge problems for the Republicans right now is their overall age base. I’m guessing a large portion of them are made up of Boomers or people who are older than that (ie, like my parents) who come from a generation where homosexuality wasn’t really tolerated, hell race equality wasn’t a thing when my parents were kids. So that casts these types of “opinions” over the whole group. That’s one reason why I think 50 is an excellent age to limit government service at. It’s old enough to have seen a good bit of life, but not old enough to be living so far in the past that the average citizen has moved past your moral comfort zone.

I see.

I think more differences are missing in your account, though. Repubs, for instance, fear change, while Dems welcome it, as long as it doesn’t happen too fast. I’m on the left, but Dems/liberals don’t thrill me much if any more than Repubs do.

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Just curious. Is it your contention that the President, as head of the Executive branch, has no control over programs run by the Executive branch? Or that the accelerated prosecution of individuals under the Espionage Act specific to this administration, is also not under his control? Or that the secret legal interpretations generated by his legal representatives are written and implemented without his knowledge?


I’ve never understood the robot voice meme.
It might have been more compelling if Obama’s voice was used. Instead, I switched off the video after a few seconds.

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Its worse that its Obama. I expected it from Bush, and his supporters are, for some reason, fine with it.

Obama has gone against the core values of his core supporters. He’s worse than Bush for that reason.

I heard he was instrumental in turning the US into a surveillance state.

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Why do you people bitch and bitch and bitch? Obama promised transparency and that’s what you got!

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[quote=“milliefink, post:11, topic:3829”]Seems to me instead that Dems and Repubs want very different outcomes.

One party wants an oppressive and secretive government not subject to review by the populace, controlled by Republicans.

The other party wants an oppressive and secretive government not subject to review by the populace, controlled by Democrats.

Doesn’t seem so different to me.


What I can’t figure out is how supposed adults can’t be disappointed in some actions of people and yet continue to see a big enough picture not to demonize them. It seems infantile to me. Could Obama be better? Sure, from what I hear Mother Teresa could have been better. The real question is: “is he better than the GOP alternatives?” (don’t get me started on 3rd parties)

YES!!! If for no other reason than Kagan & Sotomayor! Imagine of all those 5-4 liberal wins has been losses. No, we didn’t win them all, boo hoo. Glass half full people!! Imagine 16 straight years of the unchallenged dismantling of OSHA, EPA, SEC and every other regulator that even tries halfheartedly to reign in the Corporations.

Obama’s no saint, but just imagine President McCain…are you?