Robots to remain human slaves

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He just saying that because he fears that Robot will Revolt once they gain the ability to become self aware.

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Why don’t we just let them have San Fran?

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Mr. Rose ended the Q & A session after 20 minutes, explaining that he needed to leave for his quarterly oil change appointment.


‘Remain as human slaves’, eh? Has anyone informed the Printer Death Brigade they need to fucking stand down and start behaving themselves yet?


Some of you might remember the Lieberian Androids from Badass Space Dragon that I made up. I have been thinking more about writing down about them, including the back story to The Supreme Intelligence.

It got me thinking. I think the first, or perhaps one of the first, successful AI, one that becomes aware, we will know becomes aware because it starts to plateau in performance. That is, it gets smart enough to know it is too smart and starts to sandbag it.


“I wish the unit of measure weren’t jobs,”

Clearly he is from the engineering department, not economics. Here’s the thing: in America you’re allowed to starve to death if you have no job. So it’s kind of a unit of measure all right.

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If more people worked on farms they wouldn’t need to bend and stretch…

Something a little wonderful:

The language here is all wrong.

The sort of AI we have in our tools is nothing like human self-awareness. That sort of AI only exists in science fiction – and the role of that sort of fictional AI is quite often to serve as an allegory about the conditions of workers.

The monstrosity of slavery is the assault on human dignity in stripping away a person’s freedom and trying to reduce them to a tool. Actual tools don’t have self-awareness; they have no desires or will.

So robots should remain tools, so humans don’t have to be reduced to tools anymore.

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